Hotel Indigo Vinings

From the railroad to the river, the village charm and clapboard character of modern‐day Vinings goes back to its original name as Crossroads, the cultural junction, community exchange and social escape with a notably artistic twist. Only a hop, skip and jump from the Crossroads is the newly converted 160 room Hotel Indigo Vinings. A thoughtful selection and application of multi‐tone wood flooring installed in multiple directions, crossing each plank along the way, leads guests through the different social zones of the hotel public areas which have been opened up by the removal of walls and heavy wood paneling. The newly refurbished interior weaves together various elements of neighborhood story, such as the whiskey still inspired front desk, clapboard siding featured throughout the lobby, basket light fixtures and a recycled glass art installation. In addition, the bold color palette and textures are a nod to the folk artist Nellie Mae Rowe who once lived on the property where the hotel stands today.

Each element of the guestroom is thoughtfully crafted to evoke the sentiment that guests are fully enveloped within the local Vinings community when not enjoying the various social environments of the hotel.